Our clients use words to describe their finished sites as "easy to navigate", "marketing driven", "focused", "customer friendly", "fast download times", " captures attention quickly"....the list goes on. Below is a short list of a few our clients. Their sites range in size from 10 to 400 pages. We encourage you to contact them.

http://www.orsini-photo.com/ (Craig Orsini Photography) http://www.healthsalon.com/ (The Health Salon)
http://www.salonweb.com/ (Salonweb)
http://www.tiffanystylingsalon.com/ (Tiffany Styling Salon) http://www.gouldsalons.com/ (Gould's Styling Salon)
http://www.jetlag.net/ (Jet Lag Eliminator)
http://www.georgecaroll.com/ (George Caroll Inc. )
http://www.javafrost.com/ (Java Frost)
http://trinitywellness.com/ ( Natures Sunshine)
http://www.aemotors.com/ (American Electric Motors)
http://midsouthmall.com/ (Sunset Marketing) http://www.geocities.com/HotSprings/4266/hair.html ( All about Hair) http://www.memphisite.com/ ( Memphis, TN Information Guide) http://www.trinitywellness.com/nsp/ ( Natures Sunshine) http://www.coastalcomputers.net/ ( Coastal Computers) http://www.powerphoneonhold.com/ (Power Phone On Hold) http://www.thehair.com/ ( TheHair.com)
http://www.visiblepeel.com/ (Derma Basics)
http://www.memphisite.com/marriott/ (Marriott Hotels) http://www.memphisite.com/hawthorn/ (Hawthorn Suites - Hilton) http://www.memphisite.com/aprestige/ (Limousines) http://www.memphisite.com/lupe/ (Realtor) http://www.memphisite.com/lindaarnold/ (Realtor) http://www.thermalspecialties.com ( Thermal insulation)
http://www.rabinc.com (Collection Agency)
http://www.thickerhair.com (Hair Product)



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