Sunset Marketing realizes that good Website design is only the beginning of an effective Website strategy. Promotion completes the package. It doesn't matter how nice your site looks, if no one ever finds it. That is why Sunset Marketing places so much emphasis on our promotional services.

A rule of thumb that works well is to spend 3 to 5 times more effort promoting and marketing your site than it took to create it. There are many beautiful sites o the internet that few people see. To actively promote a web site takes more than just submitting it to the search engines once. Submitting a poorly coded page to the top 10 search engines every month will get you nowhere. It is the marketing of a web page, placing tiles, placing META tags, descriptions, and doing all this in a logical order that search engines understand. Knowing when to submit is important. Knowing when not to submit is important too. Often changing one or two words of body text along with META tags can mean the difference in being ranked number 1 or number 350,000.

Tracking your site after submitting it is vital. We don't mean statistics of visitors to your site but rather knowing exactly where your site ranks with the major search engine with specific keywords. Also, which sites are above yours... and understanding why the critical to your business. If others are above yours, knowing what to do about it is a must. On the internet you have a choice of location. You must become active and invest in promotion to receive a better location. Doing little or nothing will ensure a poor location.


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