Get Listed in The Top 10 (search engines)

Your web site is visually stunning, your written content is perfect, your sales pitch is guaranteed to produce 100% closures. So, what's missing? Besides Mom, nobody else is really looking at your site! Well, this is the most common and frustrating aspect of the Internet.

Millions of wonderful web sites sit dormant because nobody can find them. Enter Doorway page technology. Now you are able to control search engine position more accurately by designing effective web pages that will greatly expand your search results in major search engines.

Here's how it works: First, if you ask ten people, "What keywords would you use in a search engine to find me?", you will get ten different answers! Second, depending on which search engine they use to search for you, their keywords will produce different results because search engines use different methods to gather your information and index your site. Sound confusing? Just imagine your web site is an "apple" and you are teaching a class of international students who do not speak a word of English. They all want the "apple" on your desk. Not only do they each use a different word for "apple" (keyword), they each will have different cultural protocols or politeness to convince you to give them your "apple" (method). On the outside, Doorway pages consist of one page of content on your company or service. A Java script redirects your Doorway page automatically to your main site. Your viewers will not see the Doorway page as long as their browser supports Java ( 90% do). On the inside, they reflect different titles, meta keywords, meta description, themes and body content. This information is geared to index you with the different search engine methods as well as covering a huge amount of possible keyword queries.

You should also go one step further by establishing different themes on keyword searches! For example, if you are selling real estate, the obvious keywords are : house for sale, properties, real estate, Realtor, etc.. But what about the people who are not looking for real estate? Sounds like a contradiction? Not really. In commerce, impulse buying covers 35% of your sales. The point is to put a bug in their ears that will peak their interest and perhaps close them on a sale. So, lets say you use a recreation theme with keywords such as: recreation, cabin by the lake, fishing, outdoors, weekend get away, etc. Now, based on this information you will attract people who could very well buy a piece of recreational property from your company. You can have themes on "Commercial Real Estate", "Mortgages", "Relocating or Moving". All roads lead to Rome, and your web site is Rome! We have prepared a Doorway sample at Feel free to use it, but make sure you change the variables to reflect your web site. Happy promoting!

Article by Roger Remacle