You can relax We utilize a combination of DS3 connections and multihomed redundant T3 back-bone lines for fast and reliable net connections. What this means is pages load fast and the servers stay up 99.5% of the time. If you can beat this, buy it. Here are a few benefits built into each 100 meg commercial hosting package we offer. (For starters)

  • Secure Server Access included at no additional charge.
  • Each virtual domain web hosting account allows unlimited traffic allowance
  • Each account comes with pre configured, ready-to-run CGI scripts: Guest Book, Free-for-all links page, Message Board, Site Database and Site Search Engine, Counters, Forms, Random Text or Graphics Displayer, etc.
  • Unlimited, easy-to-use auto-responders
  • We provide new or transfer DOMAIN NAME registration processing with InterNic for no additional charge
  • Shopping Cart Program : will add all items, figure tax, generate a receipt and send confirmation to both you and the customer. The shop cart is included with each account for no extra charge
  • Re-direction capability
  • Weekly stats provided online in fully graphical format.
  • Support SSI, Java, PERL, C++, TCL, and Python. MSQL2 Database supported.
  • Most mime.types installed for ShockWave applications.
  • All web directories are password protected.

For business applications you need speed, proven reliability, and security. We offer this. If you can find a better value for server space please buy it. You'll find very low prices out there. Beware, low price doesn't equal great value in most cases. If your pages are slow to load or won't come up at all...have you saved money?


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